Romance in Red River Gorge

Author – Hunter Dycus

Colder weather, crackling fires, smores, and heart-shaped candy boxes?  That’s right!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air!  What better place to show your significant other your adoration than a trip to Red River Gorge?

RRG offers a plethora of gorgeous views – enchanting forests, heavenly cliffs, and dreamy creeks.

Did you know? Red River Gorge is one of the few remaining places with so little light pollution that you can see the Milky Way galaxy on a clear night. THE GALAXY! If you’ve never held your beau underneath the visible Milky Way, you’re truly missing out on one of the greatest experiences that Kentucky has to offer.  Amazing hikes like Courthouse Rock, Chimney Top, and Hanson’s Point will allow you to walk right up to the night sky.  So close, you’re seemingly able to pick stars from the lit canopy above.  How romantic?!



It’s no wonder countless couples cherish the Red River Gorge – Many even get married here!  The Barn at the Gorge, My Tiny Wedding, Hemlock Springs, and Red River Gorge Wedding Barn are just a few of the places that offer exquisite wedding ceremonies and locations. From photographers to caterers, Red River Gorge supplies everything you need to claim your eternal love for your sweetheart! I’ve yet to see pictures of a Red River Gorge wedding that didn’t blow me away,


Best of all, StayOver is here to make your romantic getaway even more spectacular! Are you looking to surprise your angel with flowers or chocolate?  Let us help by having items ready when you arrive!  Give us a call, shoot us a text or slide us an email – we want to turn your romantic getaway into a memory that can be cherished for generations to come.


Did you get married or honeymoon in the Red River Gorge?  Share your photos – We would love to see!