Author: Brennah Dycus

Eclectic Hillside Cabin: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. This cabin certainly lives up to its name with the diverse style in furniture and décor. Why go with one theme when you can have them all? Eclectic Hillside Cabin is located on a private drive in Campton, Kentucky – only about a 15 minute drive to Natural Bridge State Park and many of the area’s popular destinations.

Obviously, the first thing that caught my eyes when entering the cabin was the décor. There were so many beautiful and diverse items the owners strategically placed in their home. I, myself, am very indecisive, so choosing multiple themes is right up my alley. It felt as if every item had their own story, and I had the entire weekend to revel in them! The housekeeper also left such a heartfelt message for us upon arrival. You could tell she really spent some time creating this beautiful card and we were so happy to receive such a welcoming gesture!

I would have to say the bathroom may have been my favorite! The bright blue walls, vibrant mandala shower curtain and rustic barn door made everything come together so beautifully. As they say; the brighter and lighter a color, the more happy and optimistic it will make you feel! The washer and dryer is also located in the bathroom, so I wasn’t even mad when I had to go in there and start a load.

While this cabin is on a private drive, there are a few other cabins also located on this road. Each cabin is spaced out enough to ensure your own privacy.(Especially during the summer when the foliage is thick.) What felt exceptionally secluded at this cabin was the firepit. You are entirely surrounded by the forest. It was such a treat enjoying a fire and listening to the forest come to life at night.

After a few hours by the fire, it was time to go inside and snuggle up with the family. This cabin offers a Roku device, as well as a DVD player with plenty of great choices! We very quickly chose Elf, because…Will Ferrell. We effortlessly settled in and felt right at home! There’s just something about munching on a bowl of popcorn watching a movie you’ve seen a thousand times. It was such a relaxing night for all of us.

As we were packing up for check-out, we noticed this fascinating praying mantis hanging on our window. I almost felt as if she was sending us off after such an amazing weekend. It’s wonderful to get to experience true nature, right outside of your door!

The best amenity we felt this cabin offered was that it was pet-friendly. Our pup Benelli loves Red River Gorge just as much as we do, so pet friendly accommodations are a must. Benelli absolutely loved this cabin, as did we! It offers everything you need to get away. We would highly recommend this cabin to any of our friends and family!

What’s your favorite part of Eclectic Hillside Cabin? Tell us in the comments!

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