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How to Celebrate the Holidays in Red River Gorge

12/03/2020 | by Hunter Dycus | Uncategorized

Author: Kassie Olgesbee


Y’all. IT’S TIME. It is finally the holidays. It’s time for baked goods, and pretty lights everywhere,
and pine-scented everything, and flannel. And family time and holiday movies – all the best
things! There is just so much to LOVE about the holidays. And why not love your holidays…in
the Red River Gorge?
I think we all know the pictures. There’s a family, sitting in front of a Christmas tree and a
fireplace, all cuddled together, enjoying hot cocoa, and everything is so peaceful. For some of
us, especially those of us without fireplaces, that photo is only available in movies and
photographs. But it doesn’t have to be! There are so many reasons to come to the Gorge for
the holidays, and getting to live out that picture is only one of them! But how does one go
about celebrating their holidays in the Gorge? I’ll tell you!



Would you decorate your house for the holidays? Of course! What better way to get in to that
holiday spirit than some decorations? Bring those decorations with you to your cabin of choice.
You could go small, and just bring a couple of things, like some lights or a couple of knick knacks
to really supply that holiday vibe, or you could go big and bring a whole tree with you if that’s
what you love! By putting up decorations, you’ll realize that the holidays can be anywhere you
are. If you don’t feel like bringing decorations with you, I do have good news – some of our
cabin owners here at StayOver put up holiday decorations for you! Reach out to our guest
services team to find out which ones.


Enjoy a holiday meal!

I don’t know about you, but food is a HUGE part of my holiday celebrations. I look forward to
stuffing all year round (yes, I know I could technically have it any time I want, but it just doesn’t
feel right). Almost all of our cabins here at StayOver come with fully-equipped kitchens and
some type of grill, perfect for fixing up a holiday meal. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are
also lots of places in the area that feature holiday offerings! Those do vary though, so you’ll
want to do your research, or ask our guest services team for suggestions.


Reconnect with family!

Holidays are best spent with family. What better place to come together than a cozy cabin?
Gather up as many of your favorite family members as you can and spend some time
reconnecting. Considering signal is not always the best out in the woods, make that a positive –
put your phone and other devices away and get to know each other again, without distractions.
Play a board game, have a holiday PJ party, write letters to Santa. There are so many options!


Bake some holiday treats!

Gingerbread cookies. Chocolate Yule logs. Pumpkin pie. Panettone. Sticky pudding. There are so
many delicious things to bake and to eat for the holidays. Why not make it a family affair, and
bake some desserts together? Or, do what I do, and buy the premade ones with snowmen and
all you need is an oven and a baking sheet, and a mouth to sneak one or two before they bake.


Go on a holiday hike!

You are in the Gorge, after all. Get bundled in all of your best winter gear, and get out on the
trails! There are trails of all different difficulties in the area, meaning there is something for
everyone. Plus, the added danger of hiking in snowy weather really brings people together.
Nothing says bonding like slipping and sliding together!


Have a holiday movie night!

Holiday movies are the best movies, even if they are all basically the same and usually star
someone who used to be on Full House. Pick your favorite, grab your coziest blanket, pop some
popcorn, and enjoy your holiday movies in the comfort of your cabin. As most holiday movies
seem to also take place in a cabin or something similar, it may even feel like you’re there.


Sit by the fire!

Almost all of the cabins at StayOver have some kind of fire feature, whether that is a firepit,
fireplace, faux fireplace, or a combination. To me, nothing says warm and cozy holiday quite
like sitting by the fire. Grab some cocoa or maybe even make a s’more! Hint: try it with a
peppermint patty. You’ll thank me later.


Gift exchange!

It wouldn’t be the holidays without capitalism. I will admit though, picking out the perfect gift
for each of my family members is my favorite part about the holidays, despite being very
stressful since I have like three thousand more people to buy for after getting married. It’s like a
fun game where people either love it and love you or they sit there with a fake smile and
wonder why exactly you thought they’d like this, but I digress. No matter what holiday(s) you
celebrate, why not pick up a little something special to show your family you care? Or, if buying
for everyone makes you want to tear your hair out (I get that), have everyone draw names from
a hat and then everyone just has to buy for one person and it’s a game. OR you can head to a
souvenir shop in the area, and try to buy gifts ONLY from there if you want to make it really
challenging for yourself. Nothing says “I love you” like an RRG t-shirt.


After what many would consider to be a challenging year, I don’t know about you, but I’m very
much looking forward to the holidays. The holidays are the finale – the big fireworks show at
the end of the year. It’s time to make your holiday extra special, and celebrate here in the Red
River Gorge, at one of our beautiful StayOver Cabins – a gift for everyone. Happy holidays!

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