Author: Kassie Oglesbee

Red River Gorge Bucket List; When you think of Red River Gorge, what do you think of? Hiking, probably. And you’re not wrong. But there is more to RRG than just hikes. A lot of really cool, snazzy stuff. So I decided to make deciding what to do on your RRG vacation a whole lot easier, by putting together an RRG Bucket List of the very best things to do, eat, see, and experience. (Please know that some of these restaurants or activities may be closed for the winter season. We are happy to help plan your trip and ensure the activities you want to do will be open!)


Frankly, if you come to the Gorge, you must go to Miguel’s Pizza. There is a reason it’s so popular. Not only do they serve pizza but also breakfast, salad, baked bowls, sandwiches, AND a pizza sandwich, in case you needed more convincing. Miguel’s is so famous, it has been featured on many a list detailing best foods in the U.S., including this video linked below.

The Best Pizza Place In Every State – YouTube

La Cabana is also an extremely popular restaurant. It is a traditional Mexican restaurant, and a great option if you’re like me, and eat plant-based! This restaurant is very vegetarian and vegan friendly – and delicious!


‘Soar the Gorge!’ Why not try out your adventurous side and go ziplining? A 2-hour adventure awaits at Red River Gorge Ziplines. Zoom along five different lines ranging from comfortable cruise to high flying thrills. The Gorge is beautiful from below but think of the better views it has to offer way up in the sky!

If you like your feet planted firmly on the ground, The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is the place for you! They have over 75 different species of reptiles, including snakes, turtles, lizards and alligators. Most of their residents are venomous snakes because they provide venom for medical research. They do live venom extraction demonstrations on site, and it is a great option the whole family can enjoy!

The Gorge Underground – the coolest place in the Gorge! The Gorge Underground is a one-of-a-kind experience! Enjoy a guided kayak or boat tour through an underground mine. You will be able to see the Gorge from a whole new perspective! Never been on a kayak? No worries! The tours are designed for inexperienced and staff is there to help every step of the way. The mine stays around 52 degrees year-round – hence the ‘coolest place in the Gorge’! Ages 3 and up are welcome to participate!

Mill Creek Lake is a super popular lake in the area. If your dream vacation is to fish and boat, this is the lake for you. Nature is calling – you better answer!


Is there anything more majestic than seeing wild elk and horses roaming free? We think not. To see views such as these, Southfork Elkview is the place to see. It is a little bit of a drive, but completely worth it.



You cannot say you’ve visited Red River Gorge without seeing Natural Bridge! Balanced Rock Trail leads you up over 600 stairs to the top of Natural Bridge. If you are not up for the strenuous hike (we don’t blame you), the Natural Bridge Skylift is perfect for you! The Skylift takes you on a mile journey through a spectacular mountain scenery and ends within walking distance to Natural Bridge. Open seasonally during the warmer months, this is a must-see trail and experience, with some of the best views you’ll see in the area. Don’t forget to stop at the Gift Shop on your way out!

Auxier Ridge is a favorite amongst travelers to the Red River Gorge due to its lovely views, and for good reason! Views of Double Arch, Haystack Rock, Courthouse Rock, Raven Rock and other views of the Red River Gorge are numerous on this hike. Sheer cliffs extend on both sides of the ridge – exercise extreme caution when hiking this area. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water if hiking in the summer, it can get pretty hot and tiring in the beating sun!

Creation Falls is one of the many waterfalls one can find in the Red River Gorge, and a beautiful scenic view at that! These falls are truly iconic in the Gorge. This trail is a scenic 1.5 mile loop with lush vegetation, an arch that spans the creek, a waterfall, and a rock shelter! Once you are done playing around the falls continue on the trail a short distance to Rock Bridge Arch.

While a great start, this list is only a taste of all the wonder the Gorge has to offer. Whether you like hiking, fishing, eating, adventure, animals – the Gorge has something for you! Give us a call to plan your next Red River Gorge adventure. We currently have 33 cabins and cottages to offer, and are growing every day! We can place you in the perfect cabin and provide you with all the knowledge you will need to experience a memorable trip in the beautiful mountains of Kentucky.