Author:  Kristen Tucker

Soul Sister is a quaint cabin located in the Creekview Cabins community. It is centrally located and easily accessible (no four wheel drive, no worries). It is the perfect cabin for a couples getaway or even if you have a little one bring them along as well! Right next door is the Red River Rockhouse, an American cuisine restaurant and only a few minutes away is the beautiful Natural Bridge State Park. Do you enjoy hiking? Well guess what – you don’t even need to leave the property! We hiked some of the amazing trails offered and loved that we could enjoy some of the Red River Gorge without all the crowds. That’s just one of the many things that make this specific location so special.

The first thing I noticed when we walked into the cabin was the gorgeous modern décor, which we really appreciated. The home-like feel the cabin has inside made us feel right at home and gave us such a cozy vibe. Our favorite spot at the cabin was definitely the back porch! We loved sitting out there listening to the creek, especially later at night when we could turn the string lights on. It was so peaceful. The back porch has plenty of furniture to sit back and relax, read a good book, enjoy your morning coffee and even a table if you would like to have a meal outside.

Now on to more serious matters: FOOD! My husband and I are huge foodies! We love going to new places and trying all the best spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Gorge did not disappoint in satisfying our taste buds – here are some great gems that I just have to mention. Let’s start with coffee – are you a coffee addict like me? No need to look any further to satisfy your caffeine fix! Daniel Boone Coffee Shop has a great selection of different types of coffee for whatever you like. Frappuccino’s, Iced Coffee, Lattes and so much more. If you aren’t much of a coffee drinker- no problem! Their menu is full of delicious beverages such as hot chocolate, smoothies, and even milkshakes. They also have yummy breakfast sandwiches and the best pumpkin pecan crumb cake!

Chips and salsa anyone? I absolutely love Mexican food! I could probably eat chips and salsa everyday if I wasn’t concerned about my health. La Cabana Mexican Restaurant has so many options for everyone! I could’ve eaten there everyday during our stay so I could try something new each day. I got chicken, cheese, and rice nachos and I was not disappointed! They also have burritos the size of your head so it’s great if you like to save leftovers for later. They have a nice indoor area to eat as well as an outdoor area which is really neat and is dog friendly.

Now onto dinner – we were in the mood for some BBQ and Thatchers came highly recommended. We were so excited to try some local BBQ! Per the owner’s recommendation we both got the brisket- and I’m SO glad we listened because it was absolutely wonderful. They also offer great sides including mac and cheese, hashbrown casserole, baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread along with much more. The staff was so friendly and they even offered a small outdoor seating area. Thatcher’s is southern BBQ at it’s finest!

Anyone who has been to Red River Gorge will almost always tell you to visit Miguel’s Pizza. Miguel’s pizza is famous here and we can see why! We had such a great experience. The atmosphere was really laid back and the pizza was great! They have so many different options to choose from, especially toppings for your pizza. Some I never even considered putting on a pizza – artichokes, avocado and even broccoli.  You can sit inside or enjoy your pizza outdoors along with your furry friend. Now to join everyone else – we would highly recommend Miguel’s Pizza when visiting the Red River Gorge!

Maybe going out to eat during vacation isn’t for you. Nothing beats a fresh homecooked meal! Soul Sister has everything you would need to do whip up a delicious meal. The cabin offers plenty of pots, pans, and utensils. Bring along your own charcoal, seasonings and fire up the grill! Then after you finish cooking, you could sit outside on the lovely covered back porch and enjoy the fabulous meal you created all while listening to the creek right beside you. Sounds picturesque doesn’t it?

When I saw Soul Sister had a fire pit for us to enjoy, I knew I had to roast some marshmallows! It’s kind of a tradition when sitting next to a fire (at least it is for us). Relaxing and soaking up the warmth from the fire is hard to beat. Especially since the colder weather had set in during the nights of our stay. Hearing that beautiful water flowing from the creek next to us was just the cherry on top of an already peaceful evening. It could’ve put me right to sleep.

Now on to hiking! Like I mentioned earlier, you really don’t even have to leave the property to enjoy a good hike. We hiked a trail called Allison’s Trail not too far from our cabin. It was such a serene trail and we loved listening to all the sounds the forest brings. We attempted to hike the Granddaddy Falls Trail but it was getting dark so we decided to head back. I definitely plan on hiking that one next time we visit the area.

We love sight seeking and going on new adventures so we really wanted to check out the Natural Bridge Arch since it is only away from the cabin. It was the best choice we could have made! The hike is considered a moderate hike and please be aware that it is a steep incline all the way up but trust me, it’s worth it once you reach the top! We saw people of all ages going up the trail and they do have plenty of resting points where you can catch your breath if you aren’t used to hiking up a mountain. If you aren’t up for the climb then the Skylift is for you! Natural Bridge State Park offers a Skylift for you to ride up to Natural Bridge and enjoy this monumental arch without even sweating! The arch was breathtaking and the views at the very top were sensational. This is definitely a sight you will want to see when visiting the area!

After hiking that day we needed to go back to the cabin to unwind and rest up a bit before we checked out the next day. When we first got back we decided to play a game of Connect 4.  After playing a few games and my husband continually winning (no fun for me) we decided to relax on the comfortable sofa in the living room and watch some tv or find a movie on. We stopped scrolling once we saw Harry Potter was on even though we’ve both seen it trillions of times, it’s one of my favorites. Team Hufflepuff! We turned the faux fireplace on to set a relaxing tone. It was the perfect way to end our amazing stay at the Soul Sister cabin. It really is a great place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Red River Gorge. I would recommend this cabin to anyone who is looking for a small cabin in the Red River Gorge!

You can view more of Soul Sister here – and you can always contact StayOver directly via call or text at 606.268.8787. Happy adventuring!