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Red River Gorge Adventure Essentials – What do you need to bring with you?

Author – Hunter Dycus Slade, Kentucky is the Adventure Capital of this amazing state, and rightfully so! Slade is located in the heart of the famous Red River Gorge Geological Area – a 29,000+ acre plot of mountains, sandstone arches, waterfalls, lakes and anything else you could be looking for in nature. Thousands of people […]

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Cabin Highlight – ‘Bear Run’ a classic log cabin with all the modern amenities

Author – Leah Guggenmos If you’ve ever visited Nada Tunnel in the Red River Gorge, you may have noticed a steep, unmarked, road that disappears into the trees, directly across from the highway 77 junction. Before I had the reason to travel up into that area myself, I had always wondered what might lie beyond […]

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‘Get a little mud on your tires’ – Off-Roading in Red River Gorge, KY

Author – Hunter Dycus Nestled in the expansive Daniel Boone National Forest is a 29,000-acre slice of Heaven known as the Red River Gorge. This spectacular area is extremely diverse in regards to its geography, flora and fauna. From the mesmerizing waterfalls to the titanic sandstone arches – there are countless reasons to visit #RRG. […]

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Meet the Hartmans of Heavenly Hideaway

Author – Brennah Dycus Nestled on 30-acres in Beattyville, Kentucky, Heavenly Hideaway is lovingly maintained and thoughtfully designed for nature lovers seeking peaceful seclusion. Andy and Angela Hartman are the owners of Heavenly Hideaway, and enjoy their time there with their two boys, David and Jonathan, and dog Shiloh. Andy is from a small town […]

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Cabin Highlight – ‘Mountain Spirit’ a humble Red River Gorge getaway!

  Author – Hunter Dycus     Just a few minutes away from all the area’s famous attractions lies a fantastic 300+ acre property. No joke, this place is only 10 minutes from Nada Tunnel! In the thick of it yet hidden away, ‘Birch Hollow’ currently houses 10 of our wonderful cabins. Here you can […]

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Health Benefits of Vacationing

Author: Brennah Dycus Are you tired from your everyday grind? Is your work/life balance way out of whack? Trust us, you are not alone! While no one needs another excuse to take time away from work, we are here to break down one of the most important reasons; your health! Research shows Americans work more […]

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Red River… Lake?

  Author – Hunter Dycus Did you know that our beautiful Red River Gorge could have ended up being a giant lake? Imagine all the wonderful sights and sounds that we’ve all come to know and love being underwater – it’s almost unthinkable! If you have ever visited Red River Gorge, you owe a huge […]

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Meet Jeff – Owner of Creekview Cabins

    While staying in beautiful StayOver cabins, it may never occur to you the person behind the cabin – the owner.  We want to give you the opportunity to form an even better bond with our cabins and understand who is behind that beautiful wood and décor!   We’d like to introduce you to […]

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Cabin Highlight – ‘Heavenly Hideaway’ a secluded Red River Gorge, KY retreat!

  Author – Hunter Dycus   Beattyville, KY – also known as the Birthplace of the Kentucky River, is a wonderful little town located just outside of Slade, KY – the Adventure Capital of Kentucky, world famous for rock climbing, scrambling, hiking, and so much more. Just driving through, you may discount a small town […]

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Romance in the Red River Gorge

Romance in Red River Gorge   Author – Hunter Dycus   Colder weather, crackling fires, smores, and heart-shaped candy boxes?  That’s right!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air!  What better place to show your significant other your adoration than a trip to Red River Gorge? RRG offers a […]

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