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Every one of our cabins has its own special amenities and style. Here at StayOver, we are dedicated to providing the most sought out amenities. Based on your feedback, these are the top five amenities to make your stay unforgettable. But do not worry, they don’t end there! Our cabins include porch swings, hammocks, fully equipped kitchens, thoughtful décor, amazing views and much more!

Not sure where to begin? Our professional guest support team is only a call or text away to help you find the perfect cabin that suites your needs. Call or text us at 606.268.8787!


Acreage to Explore

We know how crowded Red River Gorge can become, especially during the summer! So we thought, how could we help our guests experience the beauty of Red River Gorge minus the crowds? The answer is easy – offer our own private hiking trails and climbing routes! Many of our cabins offer hiking trails or climbing routes right on the property for you and your family to enjoy. You can see firsthand waterfalls, cliffs, caves, beautiful rock formations, and creeks. Maybe something even the owners haven’t discovered. Beat the crowds and explore parts of Red River Gorge that others have never been! Click here to view our cabins that offer this much needed amenity. Each cabin description details whether it offers private hiking trails, climbing routes or both!


Pet Friendly

We know your dogs deserve a vacation, too! While dogs are not permitted in Natural Bridge State Park, they are welcomed in all other parts of Red River Gorge. Many trails are pet friendly and accommodate the whole family. Bring your fur babies and complete the family vacation! (It may even be the best family Christmas card photo yet!) Click here to view our pet friendly cabins. (It is at the owner’s discretion to allow pets inside their homes. No exceptions will be made on non-pet friendly cabins.)


Hot Tub

One of the most requested amenities – a hot tub! It’s hard to beat; relaxing your muscles after a day of adventure in the warm, bubbly hot tub. A long soak in our private hot tubs is just what you need to recharge. Many of them offering beautiful views! Click here to view our cabins with hot tubs.



While many come to Red River Gorge to get outside and enjoy nature, what about that sports game coming on? Or weekly show you’ve vowed never to miss? Thankfully, we have cabins that offer Satellite so you won’t miss a beat, even on vacation. Click here to view our cabins that offer satellite TV.



We know that the new normal is working from home and virtual learning. So, what about WiFi? Can you vacation AND work or attend school? Yes, you can! We offer fast and convenient WiFi so you can still accomplish what you need to. Then turn on vacation mode once you are done! Click here to view our cabins that offer WiFi. (Please keep in mind some cabin speeds are faster than others. We can help you find the right cabin if you have specific internet needs. Let our guest support team help you!)

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