If your family is anything like ours, the worst part of a road trip is not navigating the road to reach our destination… It is navigating the boredom of our kids. By the 15th “How much longer?” I start to get the eye-twitch. (You know the feeling)

We’re sharing some of our favorite entertainment ideas for when you hit the road, making the start and end to vacation a lot more enjoyable for everyone!

The Alphabet Game – Before electronics, this was one of my favorite games to play on road trips! This one is easy because it requires no pen or paper. To play, start with the first letter of the alphabet and work your way from A-Z. You can spot letters anywhere OUTSIDE of the car – Billboards, road signs, license plates, restaurants, etc. The first person to spot a word that starts with that letter would shout out that word. For example, if you are on letter “E,” you may yell “Exit!” Then, you move on to the next letter in the alphabet.


Free Wooden Cubes Abc photo and picture


Pick a Color – This easy game is one of our son’s favorites. To play, everyone in the vehicle picks a color (Black, white, red, etc.) Once chosen, you count each of the vehicles on the road that match your color. Have your children keep track of who reaches 15 points first. Then, switch colors!

Name that Tune – YouTube might be your next best road-trip friend. There are plenty of videos you can find that play a snippet of a song and then ask you to guess the song before revealing the artist/title. Categories are endless, including movie themes, TV shows, Disney characters and more. This one is pretty fun for adults, too!


Free Hands Guitar photo and picture


Categories – Similar to the Alphabet Game, this one involves the letters A-Z. To play, someone in the vehicle selects a category (Animals, Places, Celebrities, Movies, etc.) and you take turns going around the vehicle naming something that falls in that category that starts with a certain letter. Once a person repeats a word or can’t think of something, they are out and it is onto the next person! Once that round ends, allow the next person in the vehicle to choose the next category. This game really allows you to get creative.

What is your go-to car ride game that keeps the whole family entertained? We would love to hear in the comments below!


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