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Red River… Lake?

  Author – Hunter Dycus Did you know that our beautiful Red River Gorge could have ended up being a giant lake? Imagine all the wonderful sights and sounds that we’ve all come to know and love being underwater – it’s almost unthinkable! If you have ever visited Red River Gorge, you owe a huge […]

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Meet Jeff – Owner of Creekview Cabins

    While staying in beautiful StayOver cabins, it may never occur to you the person behind the cabin – the owner.  We want to give you the opportunity to form an even better bond with our cabins and understand who is behind that beautiful wood and décor!   We’d like to introduce you to […]

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Heavenly Hideaway in Red River Gorge, KY!

Cabin Highlight – Heavenly Hideaway Author – Hunter Dycus   Beattyville, KY – also known as the Birthplace of the Kentucky River, is a wonderful little town located just outside of Slade, KY – the Adventure Capital of Kentucky, world famous for rock climbing, scrambling, hiking, and so much more. Just driving through, you may […]

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Romance in the Red River Gorge

Romance in Red River Gorge   Author – Hunter Dycus   Colder weather, crackling fires, smores, and heart-shaped candy boxes?  That’s right!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air!  What better place to show your significant other your adoration than a trip to Red River Gorge? RRG offers a […]

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Cabin Highlight – Creeksong

Cabin Highlight – Creeksong Author – Hunter Dycus Yes, this Cabin Highlight is 100% biased – and who can blame me? StayOver is a wonderful company that is doing things RIGHT in Red River Gorge!     In the heart of Red River Gorge lies a wonderful little holler named ‘Creekview’. This 150+ acres of […]

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Be Thankful, Gather, Create Memories

Be Thankful, Gather, and Create Memories by Hunter Dycus With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better to write about than family? It’s nearly the end of 2019, seemingly the busiest time of life. Between work, hobbies, family, friends, social media, new technology, and that cabinet you’ve been “fixing” for months now – it seems […]

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Pan-Seared Mahi-Mahi Foil Pack Recipe

Pan-Seared Mahi-Mahi Foil Pack Recipe, photo, and blog by Hunter Dycus                                           Ingredients: Mahi-Mahi Fillets Your choice of cooking oil 1/3 Head of cauliflower (riced) 1/3 Bundle of asparagus 1/2 cup of diced carrot 1/2 […]

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Terror in the Tunnel

October is finally here!  Fall is in the air; leaves have changed colors and temperatures have dropped.  You’ve booked your cabin, packed your bags, gathered your party, and made the journey to Red River Gorge.  The car is packed with bodies and gear as you make your way to the most gorgeous destination that Kentucky […]

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Eastern Kentucky Lingo

Eastern KY Lingo   Whether you plan on visiting, or have already visited the Red River Gorge area, I’m sure you’ve heard about the way in which Kentuckians talk. Can you even say “Kentucky” without sounding a little country? Like countless other areas, Kentucky (more specifically, Eastern KY) has an extremely unique dialect and lingo […]

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Leave No Trace while exploring the Red River Gorge, KY

Leave No Trace   Our team at StayOver follows and promotes the principles of Leave No Trace.  We absolutely love nature and want to preserve it!  We firmly believe that everyone should know and follow the Leave No Trace principles. StayOver would love for all our guests, family, and friends to follow these guidelines – […]

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