Creeksong Cabin in Red River Gorge KY

Author – Hunter Dycus

Yes, this Cabin Highlight is 100% biased – and who can blame me? StayOver is a wonderful company that is doing things RIGHT in Red River Gorge!

In the heart of Red River Gorge lies a wonderful little holler named ‘Creekview’. This 150+ acres of private property houses StayOver’s office and, currently, 4 cabins. (foreshadowing much?) Creekview is home to caves, creeks, cliffs, and corners that not many people get to experience.

My wife and I had the immense pleasure of spending this past weekend at Creeksong, which is located in Creekview – a mere 3 to 5-minute drive from Natural Bridge State Park. I can honestly say that this was one of the few times I truly felt ‘at home’ without being home. Creeksong is a wonderfully rustic, yet modern, tiny house that accommodates up to 4 people at an incredibly reasonable price. Who wants to spend hundreds on a dull hotel room anyways? This cabin was built in 2019 and you can tell! All the amenities were in working order and the décor was gorgeous. While easy to overlook, small things like towel hooks, flowers, and simple spices can truly change the feel of a vacation home. You can really tell that this cabin owner values our guests and takes pride in this home.

Creeksong is aptly named, as it is situated directly adjacent to the most amazing, trickling creek. As I closed my car door, the sounds from this creek were the first thing to catch my attention. I could immediately see myself relaxing at the firepit with my wife, enjoying the purity of the ambiance. Having an independent check-in was amazing – all we had to do was drive to the cabin and punch in the door code. All this information was provided in an email and sent to us 5 days prior to our arrival. Not having to stop at an office and pick up keys made our time in Red River Gorge that much more enjoyable and personal.

After opening the front door, my eyes were immediately drawn to the pristine wood that lined the walls, windows, and majestic vaulted ceiling. The transition from ceiling to window was sublime, creating ample natural light inside of this cabin that is already exemplary of the nature encompassing you. The kitchen was fully stocked with nearly everything you could ask for – and that’s coming from someone that has spent the better half of a decade working in restaurants. Homely décor and furniture were perfectly complimentary of the style of the cabin, leaving little to desire.



Our favorite amenity probably had to be the fireplace. Large, sleek and electric – with a remote. You can control the fireplace directly from the couch! A blue fire with dim lights is the PERFECT setting for Creeksong. Located just above it, a sizeable SmartTV with great WiFi access – giving us the option to log into numerous apps and use AT&T’s TV Now app for satellite access. Snuggling up on the couch and watching the newest Lion King with the fireplace made for a superb night, one we would gladly have again!

Not to put it shortly, my wife and I had a fantastic and memorable stay at Creeksong. Everything has been tediously thought over and it’s noticeable. I could see myself spending a lifetime in a cabin such as this, and I would be astonished to hear anyone say differently.

We can’t say enough about this amazing cabin! Do you think I missed an awesome amenity? Let us know in the comments below!

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