Author: Kassie Oglesbee

New Years Resolutions; 2020. What a year. I think we can all agree this year has been different than any year we’ve experienced before. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of this year making bread. Maybe you know all of the TikTok dances. Maybe you’ve finally read all of the books you kept buying but never reading. Or, maybe, you’ve spent this year just holding it together, or not holding it together. All of these things are fine and totally valid. And you did a great job. And the best part is that this year is (finally) coming to an end.

Sure, some might say time means nothing, and that whatever problems we’re having in 2020 will still be there on January 1, 2021. To that I say – yeah…maybe. But still. If there was ever a year to think of the New Year as the start of something new and to start fresh, it’s this one. A time to want to be better, and to set goals for yourself. If nothing else, a time to pretend to have a blank slate and take a breather.

In the spirit of the New Year, I asked my coworkers, my family, my friends, and pretty much anyone that would give me one to name a resolution for the new year. Here’s what they had to say:

Lauren Blankenship, Manager of Human Resources –

“My goals are to volunteer once a quarter, have a successful garden (I totally failed last year), and try to learn something new every day (podcasts, Tedtalks, etc)!”

Hunter Dycus, Operations Manager –

“In 2021, I’d like to focus on personal growth and become a better person for the people in my life.”

Brennah Dycus, Marketing & Guest Services Manager –

“My resolution for this year would be to take my dog, Benelli, hiking more. She absolutely loves the Gorge and hiking is her favorite. We used to hike almost every single day! Unfortunately, this year we’ve just been so busy with work and life, we’ve hardly gone hiking at all. I would love to start taking her out at least once a week, if not more. (And ultimately this is a good resolution for myself, too!)”

Leah Guggenmos, Guest Services Coordinator –

“I resolve to listen to more music! When I got my Spotify year in review last week, it was really sad, and I hardly added any new music to my repertoire this year. I spent a lot of this year listening to Aqua and Cake. Yes, from the 90s. It takes effort to find music that you really love, and I haven’t put in that effort in a while. I hope next year’s Spotify recap is a lot more interesting!”

Oliver (My 1-year-old) –

“Ahhhhh blah blah blah, mama.” (I believe that means “My goal for this year is to finally catch those crazy cats that never let me pet them” but I cannot be sure)

Dustin (My husband) –

“I’d like to stop ignoring my wife when she asks me for help with her blog for work.”

Sam (My best friend) –

“My New Years resolution is better work-life balance. It is every year and I fail every year.” (She’s a teacher, and a great one!)

As for me, my New Years resolution is to prioritize my mental health better, and to find new coping mechanisms for those pesky anxieties that find their way into my brain. I also want to spend more quality time with my husband and child.

From all of us at StayOver, we truly wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

Comment below if you have any New Year’s Resolutions of your own!