Author: Corey Gillman

If you are looking for peace and relaxation- no need to look any further! Pine Point is tucked into the beautiful pine trees only 10 minutes from Natural Bridge State Park. This cabin is a true place of peace not only for you; but your furry friend too! Pine Point is equipped with almost everything you will need to have a wonderful stay. Whether you are staying in to enjoy a couple days away from the real world, or looking to explore all of the area’s popular attractions. We only had to bring charcoal for the grill and purchased firewood locally to enjoy the firepit. We can tell the owner truly cares about the guests’ experience here. Small details such as a cute doggie treat container & panini press, or big details like crazy-fast WiFi makes it noticeably apparent how much time the owner puts into ensuring everyone has a memorable experience.

As we pulled into the cabin’s gated driveway (yes, it is gated!), the first thing I noticed was the massive deck. If you’re like me, this is a major plus if you enjoy sitting outdoors and taking in the view. Every morning was spent sipping coffee and enjoying the world waking up around us. If you’re visiting in the warmer months, avoid those pesky bugs and spend some time out on the screened in back porch. It is completely enclosed and offers very comfortable seating. We found that the table was the perfect size for board games, if you are in the mood for those while enjoying the outdoors. We even completed a couple puzzles while the sun set. It felt absolutely magical!

After we explored the outside, it was finally time to head inside and see our weekend’s abode. The first thing that catches your eye as you walk in is the amazing wooden spiral staircase. It is definitely the centerpiece of this lovely cabin! Directly to your right is the kitchen. The decor throughout the kitchen really made us feel right at home. I know I’ve already mentioned the panini press, but we felt it was worthy of mentioning again. It was such a fun addition to our stay! There are countless kitchen gadgets for the home-cook in your life. Pine Point really has it all!

If you are in the mood to sit back and relax, there is a DVD Player with a collection of DVDs to choose from and a SmartTV. Pine Point also offers Fiber Internet (hands down the best internet you can get in the Gorge). If you aren’t familiar with the DVD player there, the owner was even kind enough to create an instruction video that is posted on StayOver’s YouTube!

Now let’s say staying in just isn’t for you. There are so many things to do within a short driving distance from the cabin. Rock climbing, ziplining, hiking – you name it! The famous Nada Tunnel is only 14 miles away, and is seriously a must see. How amazing would it be to go back home telling your family and friends how you drove through a 12ft wide and 13ft tall tunnel.  Also known as the ‘Gateway to the Gorge’, this tunnel is just the beginning of the beautiful sights the Gorge has to offer.

Now, on to the good stuff – FOOD!  After all, it’s YOUR vacation, who wants to cook?! In the mood for pizza? The locally famous Miguel’s Pizza is only a short drive from this cabin. If you’ve ever spoken to someone who has visited Red River Gorge, most likely they ate at Miguel’s Pizza. And there is a good reason why! Miguel’s is an amazing atmosphere that let’s nature lovers relax and enjoy a delicious slice of pizza, salad, or even sandwiches! Offering a variety of toppings (some I never even imagined going on a pizza!), it’s safe to say this would be a great choice for dinner anytime of the week. We also stopped in at another restaurant, Red River Rockhouse. Again, this restaurant is close to Pine Point and is well worth a visit! The burgers were fresh and the tacos were delicious! Take one of the many seats outside to enjoy the fresh air, views and some amazing food.

While cooking wasn’t one of our favorite activities (seriously, who wants to cook on vacation?), we decided to do a little shopping at Krogers for some supplies to bring back and test out the lovely kitchen. Personally, I couldn’t wait to fire up the grill for a nice steak dinner! I added some mushrooms and onions for a nice little touch. Siding it with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes – it somehow was even tastier than when I cooked this same meal at home! (Don’t ask me how – maybe it was just the cozy and welcoming atmosphere). As usual, my goal was to take a picture of the feast for the ‘gram’, but ended up devouring half the plate before it crossed my mind again. So unfortunately I don’t have any evidence to show of my fine cooked meal. After enjoying our dinner, a movie night was in order. Pine Point is equipped with a SmartTV, but watching Netflix everyday, we were more drawn to the DVD collection the owners offer. After the movie was over, we headed up the spiral staircase to the amazing loft area. We absolutely loved the basin sink with the half bath being located upstairs. (Makes those late night trips to the bathroom so much easier!) We’d be lying if we didn’t praise the King sized bed. Our Queen sized bed does the job, but that King bed has us rethinking ours at home!

Personally, I loved all the little knick knacks along the upper walls and the lantern shelf the  owners decorated the cabin with. Altogether, Pine Point had a very warm and inviting feel. To be honest, before we even left we were planning how soon we could take another trip to Pine Point!  I would absolutely recommend Pine Point for anyone who is looking for a cozy cabin while visiting the Red River Gorge.

Because we stayed prior to it’s release, I didn’t get the opportunity to use it – but, Pine Point is now offering a completely exclusive scented soap. ‘Appalachian Pine’ by Jeriko Soap is only available at Pine Point, giving me yet another reason to come back! You can view more of Pine Point here:

Have you had a chance to stay at Pine Point yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments!