Author: Kassie Oglesbee
SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE! You’ll quickly learn that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the costumes, creativity and of course the spookiness. I knew this months blog was going to be Halloween oriented – then suddenly it occurred to me, what’s a better way to celebrate Halloween than to inspire Red River Gorge themed costumes?! Hold onto your Pumpkin Spice Latte – these costumes are complete show stoppers and will be sure to win you a contest (or two). Now let’s get into it!

A Hiker

Probably the easiest costume to execute you’ll find on this list, dressing as hiker is the best way to honor the Gorge this Halloween season! For this costume, you’ll only need a few items some of which may already be in your closet. First, if you’re feeling like going all out- get the full khaki outfit, or you could go a little simpler and just throw on shorts and t-shirt. Maybe opt for a flannel or vest for the full affect. You’ll definitely need some sturdy boots (don’t forget those long socks)! To add to this costume, consider topping it off with a hat (for the sun protection, of course). For the final touches, add a backpack (snacks and supplies would be a major bonus), and consider bringing along binoculars or a fishing pole! Inspiration below:

A Tent

Now, hear me out: this could be so easy. Many of us have a tent at home – even a child’s tent. Literally just toss it on your body. Consider cutting a hole in the top for your head to poke out. You’re good to go. (Tired of being social? Just zip/tie your door closed and boom, you are only a tent and nothing more.)

A Bear (or other wildlife native to RRG)

While you may not want to run into a bear in the Gorge yourself, you might enjoy dressing up as one! It’ll also keep you warm and cozy, if Halloween decides to be on the cooler side. The same could be said for lots of the wildlife in the Gorge – deer, snakes, or even a squirrel!

An RV/Camper

One of the many reasons Halloween is so special is spending time with family and friends crafting an original costume! If you’ve got a hankering to be creative and make your costume yourself, how fun would it be to build an RV costume? There are many different RV/Camper styles so the possibilities are endless here! Original and fun – a great choice for all!


A Canoe

Kayaking and canoeing are Gorge staples, so another more unorthodox costume would be to dress up as a canoe! You could use this as another opportunity to get creative and build your own, or take another approach and wear your own as a costume. This could even be a couple costume, get your partner or bestie in there with you!


Last but certainly not least, the ultimate family fun activity in the Gorge – making s’mores! Take this costume up a notch and make it a couple or group costume – a bar of chocolate, a marshmallow, and a graham cracker! Stand out from the crowd and make your own special S’mores – replace any of the ingredients with strawberry, carmel, whipped cream – there are tons of delicious ways to make S’mores!.

We hope we inspired you to incorporate Red River Gorge in your costumes this year! We would love to see pictures if you decide to use any of our ideas. Send those to us at or tag us in your social media using #StayOverRRG. Have an even better idea? Comment below your RRG themed ideas!

Wishing you all a spook-tacular Halloween and a great fall season this year! Happy Haunting!