Author – Hunter Dycus

Beattyville, KY – also known as the Birthplace of the Kentucky River, is a wonderful little town located just outside of Slade, KY – the Adventure Capital of Kentucky, world famous for rock climbing, scrambling, hiking, and so much more. Just driving through, you may discount a small town like Beattyville. In doing so, you would miss out on the Best Local Kentucky BBQ at Brenda’s Smoke Shack, fiery tacos from Los Two Brothers, the classic diner experience at Billy’s Place or some AMAZING pizza-pie from Hilltop Pizza. Seriously guys, I worked in the pizza industry for the better half of a decade, Hilltop has the goods!

Just outside of town is one of the most secluded cabins that Red River Gorge has to offer. Heavenly Hideaway is located on over 30 acres of private property with astonishing views, virtually unlimited privacy and comes fully loaded with everything you could ask for. My wife and I had the immense pleasure of being able to spend a few nights here.

Homebodies be warned – You will not want to leave!

This wonderful home is an impeccable example of its name. The cabin owner, Andy, has very apparent intentions. As you scour the home, you’ll find everything you could imagine needing, already supplied for you. Complimentary firewood, cornhole, spices, books and so much more – all at your fingertips. I was SO THANKFUL to find complimentary aluminum foil in the cabinet! I had no idea what I was going to do with my left-over bacon!  Traveling can make it very easy to forget everyday items that you might overlook in your own home. Andy completely understands and goes out of his way to ensure you have everything you need. The décor was very fitting of what you would expect from a warm, homely cabin in Red River Gorge – offering a modern, yet country feel.

The first night of our arrival had to include sliding into the amazing hot tub. Nothing can beat a warm, bubbly hot tub when it’s cold outside! The isolation gave us the opportunity to sit back and listen to what nature has to offer – which is quite spectacular. Awash in the glow of seclusion, we allowed nature to serenade us. After coming inside and starting up the cozy wood stove, my wife had to embarrass me with a game of checkers – which I somehow forgot the rules of…Who forgets how to play checkers?! It really hit home, having this child-like wonder while playing a simple game of checkers. I’ve come so tied-up in my adult life and the responsibilities it entails, I’ve completely lost connection with the kid inside!

We had big plans for day #2 – exploring Red River Gorge and bringing home memories, in picture form. Instead, we were unable to find ourselves leaving the cabin! We explored the property and discovered an area that must have been a creek, at some point. The area was engulfed in a creeping moss, that we believe to be Hypnum sp. – but, we’re by no means bryologists! What do you think this moss is?

After a day of exploration, and sliding into the hot tub one more time, we were ready for some food! Luckily for us, the kitchen was fully equipped and offered everything we could possibly need. During our stay I was able to slice whole jowl bacon for an ooey-gooey bacon mac-n-cheese, with the supplied knives and cutting board, and put together an irresistible bowl of pepper-jack alfredo gnocchi with sautéed carrots and broccoli, with the on-site colander, pots/pans and cooking spoons. But, the star of the show had to be a pan-seared burger topped with caramelized onions and green-leaf lettuce – all on a meaty, pretzel bun. The secret behind the burger? My ‘secret’ seasoning* and lots of love. * 2-parts thyme (leaves or ground), 1-part salt, 1-part cracked black pepper and 1-part garlic powder – try it on red meats, YUMMY!

Our time at Heavenly Hideaway flew by – two nights just weren’t enough to take in everything that the cabin, land and area had to offer. I’m already working on plans for a Heavenly Hideaway Adventure Part 2! As for my favorite part – I’m torn between the wood stove and the hot tub.

We’d love to know what you think about Heavenly Hideaway. Did we miss an awesome amenity that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Check Heavenly Hideaway out for yourself here.