While staying in beautiful StayOver cabins, it may never occur to you the person behind the cabin – the owner.  We want to give you the opportunity to form an even better bond with our cabins and understand who is behind that beautiful wood and décor!

We’d like to introduce you to Jeff Carter.  His son, Patrick, and his family all contribute to making the cabins at Creekview a special place for all who stay there.  Jeff first visited Red River Gorge in 1979- over 40 years ago! Growing up in Nicholasville, Ky, Jeff spent a considerable amount of time in Red River Gorge.  The beauty, the people, the pace, nature – it’s hard to stay away.  A great passion for the beautiful area around him, he is determined to build something that allows others the opportunity to fall in love with the area just as he has!

Jeff currently owns four cabins on the Creekview property which sits on a beautiful 150+ acres.  You’re likely to spot Jeff at Creekview, working hard!  They are in the process of building three additional cabins- one small one, and two larger lofted cabins tucked in the trees.  After completion, this will expand Creekview to 7 total cabins.  Jeff and his family have all been working diligently to ensure their cabins are unique and showcase their own personality!

If you ask Jeff which cabin is his favorite- you probably won’t get one answer. The cabins are all so well-appointed and decorated tastefully. The beds are cozy.  The décor welcomes you in and makes you feel right at home.  While Jeff can’t choose a favorite cabin (who can blame him!?)– his favorite thing about them would be the location.  Creekview is situated in the epicenter of the RRG area. Right on Hwy 11- just 3.5 miles south of Miguel’s Pizza and Natural Bridge State Park, Creekview is very close to excellent public climbing, hiking routes, area attractions, and great places to eat.

If you don’t feel like leaving the property – you can experience a lot of what the Gorge has to offer right in the backyard! Are you wondering how that is possible?  That brings us to Jeff’s ideal day in the Gorge… Exploring his own property! It’s rugged, like many parts of the Gorge, and offers waterfalls, cliffs, established hiking trails, caves, creeks, and climbing routes. Almost all the fantastic things the RRG has to offer are also located within the Creekview property. Discover things he hasn’t even seen before on his own property – get off the trail and find new areas, rock formations, large trees, waterfalls, you name it.

Let’s loop back to those established hiking trails. Yes, you read that right. Jeff is creating a new experience for people who want to see a little more of Red River Gorge. While staying at Creekview, you have 150 acres of private property to explore that not many others have! One of his favorite trails would be Allison’s Trail. It is a trail established and named after their daughter, who passed away unexpectedly last summer. It is a short trail with many ferns, hemlock trees, birch trees, oak trees, large and small boulders. The trail winds through forest and ends at soaring cliffs and a waterfall. Jeff loves to sit, listen and feel the spirit of his daughter. She loved that area of the property and they are proud to be able to honor her in this way. This trail is available for any guest to hike, as is the rest of the Creekview property.

Why did Jeff choose to partner with StayOver? He understands we are a progressive company that constantly strives to provide excellent customer service to our guests and owners.  Our team provides useful suggestions to help market his properties and are aggressive with our own marketing efforts. We apply the best technology we can and provide a true partnership with cabin owners. Our pricing for cabin rental management is very competitive. Last but certainly not least, we are committed to the welfare of the Red River Gorge area.  As Jeff says, “StayOver truly cares about this beautiful place.  They want everyone to have the chance to experience it.”


We hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about the face behind the cabin!  Jeff and his family are truly doing great things for RRG, and we can’t wait to see their future endeavors. Book your stay at Creekview today and see for yourself!